A migrant from Africa drowned in Venice’s Grand Canal in full view of tourists and locals in an apparent suicide.



The young migrant from Gambia was seen jumping into the water from a pier. Hundreds of people witnessed the jump and some threw him lifebelts but he refused to hold on to them.


The unnamed young man simply dived in and swam for the middle of the large canal.


A witness’ video shows people on a passing boat throwing several buoyancy aids but he ignores them.


"Jump, jump… what are you waiting for? Throw it, throw it" a man’s voice can be heard yelling.


No one jumps in to try to save the drowning man.


Hundreds of people witnessed the migrant’s death and saw his dead body being pulled out of the water wrapped in a blue bag and tied to a ladder.


A taxi driver told local media: "A young man threw himself into the water and two or three life jackets were thrown from the boat but he refused the help."


A fellow cabbie added: "This is despair. I do not know the story of this guy. They have said he is African. Who knows what he's been through, how many seas and deserts he has crossed? And he came to die in the most beautiful city in the world."


Witness Abdus Sattar from Bangladesh confirmed that the drowning had seemed to be a suicide.


He said: "He threw himself from the pier. At first I thought he slipped but when I saw they threw lifebuoys and saw that he refused, I realised that he had decided to call it quits."


The man's name was not mentioned in reports.


Author: David Lee

David Lee is a British journalist with more than 20 years of experience.