A self-styled bounty hunter who runs down asylum seekers on horseback and with military vehicles as back up is facing up to four years in jail - for inciting racial hatred.


Bulgarian gangster Dinko Valev, 29, has been leading a pack of hunters in Yambol along the border with Turkey to intercept refugees fleeing Syria.

Valev claims every refugee is a potential jihadist.

He once described his hunts, saying: "I would describe it as simply a sporting activity. You can't describe sportsmen as violent."

Valev was thought to have government backing after his bounty hunters acquired two military amphibious troop carriers.

But videos of women and children rounded up by his mob on quad bikes and being forced to lie face down in the mud outraged human rights supporters.

Now - says local media - Bulgarian prosecutors are examining a criminal case against Valev for breaches of race hate laws.

State prosecutors in Yambol and nearby Sredets are reportedly investigating complaints that Valev and his men encouraged discrimination and spread racial hatred against migrants.

He is also being asked to explain how he has apparently become hugely wealthy on the back of his manhunt expeditions.

Valev used social media to show off his brand-new 180,000-GBP Mercedes S-Class Coupe and thanked his supporters for making it possible.

But in the video he thanked all those who had made buying the car possible.

He said: "There should be fans, because without fans, man is nothing. I love you, because without you this does not work."

Valev is believed to have struck a number of lucrative deals because of his notoriety.

He was even offered 150,000-BGN (66,500 GBP) to take part in a local version of Big Brother.


Author: David Lee

David Lee is a British journalist with more than 20 years of experience.