A 16-year-old Muslim asylum seeker who attempted to rape a woman tried to excuse the attack in court by saying he "felt aroused" after taking drugs.


The Algerian boy whose name is withheld due to his age was sentenced to a total of one-and-a-half years of unconditional imprisonment by a court in Austrian capital Vienna after pleading guilty to attempted rape.


On 17th September he approached a 32-year-old woman in the courtyard of a block of flats as she was putting away her bicycle after returning from the theatre.


As she tried to stow her bike, the stranger asked whether she needed help locking it. The woman said she did not need help and tried to get inside the building, whereupon the boy blocked the path and tried to kiss her.


At first she managed to evade him but he pursued her, pushed her to the ground in the stairwell and tried to rape her.


Prosecutor Sabine Rudas-Tschinkel said: "He said in preliminary proceedings that he wanted to persuade her to have sex."


The woman defended herself vigorously, screaming loudly for help and trying to hit the perpetrator, who after a while fled the building.


The asylum seeker left DNA traces on the victim's clothing and was connected to the attempted rape a few weeks later after police matched his DNA when they arrested him for theft.


Pleading guilty to a panel of judges chaired by Norbert Gerstberger, the defendant said: "I was aroused. These drugs have made me do this, otherwise I would not have done it."


Only when the woman started to hit him did he, according to his own account, "understand that according to Islam it is not correct".


Local media wrote that it is not clear whether the young man, who came to Austria in January 2016, is really 16 as he said he threw away his passport on his journey to Europe.

Gugerell / Wikimedia
Vienna Palace of Justice

Author: David Rogers

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