This website is dedicated to attempting to provide real stories about immigration, and the question of asylum in order to encourage informed debate about the issue.


Across the media landscape news organisations seem divided into those pro immigration, for whom the millions of new arrivals should be welcomed with open arms, and those on the right for whom all asylum seekers should be deported - or jailed.


This page was created because we believe neither. The reality is that the arrival of 1 million unvetted migrants in Germany alone in 2016 from countries with a culture and values vastly different to our own poses challenges that will never be addressed if there is not a proper debate.


There are those who will allege that the stories published on this site are stoking attitudes against immigrants from the Islamic world, but even the harshest critics must surely admit that Islam has a problem in the way it treats women if nothing else, and that this must lie at the heart of the solution to harmony between Europe as it exists in those who have chosen to come here to make it their home.


The subject of Islam and the way women are valued is if nothing else at the heart of what this site is all about.


Last year we covered the story that went around the world about an Algerian who shouted “Inshallah" - which means if Allah wills it - as he raped a young German student in Hanover, and who was jailed for eight years.


The details were widely republished by right-wing media and ignored by the left, but the real story is that afterwards, having been raped and seriously injured from having her head banged on the ground and pepper spray put in her face, she was asked by the man if she had enjoyed it, and if he could have her telephone number.


It was one story and one act but nevertheless it is an illustration of someone with no understanding at all of women, someone who thinks that the mere act of penetration makes everything OK and who has absolutely no concept of a woman as an equal or indeed as anything other than an object.


That was the real story that should not be ignored by the left or worse dismissed as right-wing propaganda or buried because it isn't politically correct to mention it.


Instead it and other stories need to be properly reported and with the presentation of the facts they can perhaps be addressed, because without solutions there will only be more polarisation.

It may not be a surprise when the leader of the Austrian far right Freedom Party (FPÖ) Heinz-Christian Strache claims that Angela Merkel's decision to allow "the biggest movement of people in centuries” is a decision that “makes civil war in the medium-term not unlikely”.


He was widely criticised and the warning dismissed.


It should be however more worrying that even Islamic experts like Professor Gilles Kepel, from the Paris Institute of Political Studies, have the same concerns. He said failure to integrate those already here will cause discontent and further radicalisation which in turn could lead to the point where Europe enters into civil war.


Education and integration is the only answer to support the greatest ally in the fight against the extremists, the moderate Muslims who believe in Western values.


Polarisation is not based on the belief that all Muslims are to be condemned.  The answer, and informed debate based on facts is the only way solutions will ever be found.


Contributions including comments or suggestions for stories to this site are welcomed. The one request is that stories need to be based on the facts, and comments need to be honestly held opinions supported by good arguments, whichever side of the politcial spectrum they come from.


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Author: David Lee

David Lee is a British journalist with more than 20 years of experience.